Yunnan Nationalities Museum, situated in the beautiful Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort, covers an area of 133,300 square metres. Open to the public with a gross floor area of 30,000 square metres, the whole complex is shaped like a cloistered courtyard. As a standing council unit of the Museums Association of China and a member of the Southwest China Museum Association, it is rated as a national first-class museum, the largest nationalities museum in China and a famous museum in Asia.……   more


        The Yunnan Nationalities Museum, adhering to the core value of museum education and the tenet of serving the general public and building China into a strong nation of socialist culture, has attracted more than 6 million visitors with various exhibitions, extracurricular activities for high school students, thematic lectures, community-based family education sessions, school-museum and inter-museum cooperation, construction of patriotism and popular science bases, public services, thematic education programmes, volunteer team building efforts and museum membership since its establishment. The Chinese and foreign state leaders that have visited our museum include NPC Chairman Qiao Shi (1999), Vice Premier Wu Bangguo (1995), NPC Vice Chairman Bu He (1998) ……  more

              The Yunnan Nationalities Museum, upon its inception, has developed the guideline integrating the collection of cultural relics, exhibitions and scientific research. In its years of efforts……          more

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