• 名称: Ethnic Folk Masks
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          The exhibition is composed of five parts: “Sorcerer’s Dance Masks”, “Life Ritual Masks”, “Festival and Sacrificial Masks”, “Opera Masks”, “Guardian Angel Masks”. The part of “Sorcerer’s Dance Masks” including Tibetan “Qiangmu” masks mainly displays those masks using in the occasions of praying for happiness and expelling disasters. “Life Ritual Masks” displays the masks using in important life rituals such as age ceremony, wedding and funeral. Represented by Yi people’s masks in different time and areas, the part of “Festival and Sacrificial Masks” demonstrates masks using in festival and sacrificial occasions themed as God and ancestor sacrifice, praying for agriculture harvest, population reproduction, etc. The part of “Opera Masks” shows those Yunnan folk opera and ethnic opera masks such as Luo Opera, Guansuo Opera, Dai Opera,Zhuang Opera. The part of “Guardian Angel Masks” presents the masks for guardian angel, protecting house, expelling evil and defending against disasters including masks of Shui and Yi people mainly. The masks displayed in the exhibition are made of various materials such as wood, paper, pottery, cloth, gourd, straw, bamboo shoot shell, palm skin and their processing skills includes carving, paper mache, knitting, etc.

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