• 名称: Folk Eaves Tile
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          The exhibition, composed of four parts: “Eaves Tile of animals pattern”, “Eaves Tile of plants pattern”, “Eaves Tile of characters pattern”, “Eaves Tile of other patterns”, displays extensively more than hundred folk eaves tile in Yunnan. “Eaves Tile of animals pattern” includes blessing animals such as dragon, phoenix, crane, bat and 12 zodiacal animals. “Eaves Tile of plants pattern” includes chrysanthemum, lily, plum, peony, lotus, ganoderma, etc. “Eaves Tile of characters pattern” are one, two or four characters such as “Happiness” and “Longevity”. “Eaves Tile of other patterns” are traditional blessing patterns, pavilion, building, “Taiji”, “Bagua”, etc.

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